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Life Long Care

From regular physical exams to teaching you home care to specialty surgery, we can provide you with the best options so you can make informed decisions about your pet?s care. Lifetime care is not a ?one size fits all? process- we will help you find the right plan for every stage of your pet?s life.

What is our mantra? Prevent, detect, and treat-it is what we do for your pet and your family! We can help protect your pet from preventable problems through regular physical exams, vaccinations, parasite control, spays and neuters, and healthy weight management. We can teach you how to do home care such as nail trims, ear cleaning, and oral care to prevent infections. We will also try to detect diseases as early as possible to manage them more effectively. And when you and your pet face problems that can?t be treated, we will listen to you and support your pet and your family with pain management and end of life care. That is what it means to us to be your partner for the life of your pet. For more services, please go to